Chris + Michelle

Chris + Michelle

Y'all, it’s already time to chat about our second wedding film of the year! Chris and Michelle!

For our first year in business, or any ones first year, it’s hard to get clients to take a leap of faith and trust you. There are a lot of reasons to trust us and I could talk about them in great detail… but that’s for another time! As for this blog and this wedding, Chris and Michelle were the first couple who we had never met before to take a leap and use Cobblestone Productions to film their wedding and I hope they were not disappointed! 

Held at the incredible venue Seascape Resort in Aptos, California just south of Santa Cruz, the wedding was a stunner. We arrived early to meet the couple and begin scoping the scene - what a beautiful location and what a beautiful couple! Chris and Michelle showed us so much hospitality and kindness during the day and it was an absolute pleasure just to be around them. We captured some establishing shots of the venue before we began the day and I really think they brought out the nature of the venue and the beautiful floral choices and colors that Michelle chose. Many of the choices that Chris and Michelle made for the wedding were beautiful and it was an incredible wedding to be a part of!

As for the ceremony, the congregation was so touching and supportive of the couple. There were a few readings at the ceremony and speeches in the toasts that really touched us and we tried to highlight those in the film. It was so hard to hold back tears during the dinner toasts, especially Chris’s speech to Michelle. What an incredible couple! And y'all, can I just say how much fun the dancing was! This is one group of people that KNOW how to have a good time. There were older guests that were dancing just as hard as the younger crowd. It was absolutely a blast and the DJ was out of this world. 

For the music for this film, we wanted to go with as much piano as we could that provided percussive rhythm, movement, and energy but also add in some electric guitar because Chris is a guitar player (and a drone nerd! “props” for that Chris). The piece starts very intimate with establishing moments and a crescendo at the bride’s entrance to stay energetic for her full walk down. Since we were highlighting several moments of touching words from the friends and family we toned down the music in a couple key spots to highlight that. Then we brought it up to bring home the reception and see our couple off into the night. This was the first time we did a completely second piece in the reception and that was a lot of fun to write and tie back into the main song to end the film.

This particular project held certain challenges for us as a new company to overcome and learn and adapt to. As we grow, the challenges are a part of the fun and the learning curve and each wedding Sav and I grow stronger as a team. The largest challenge was the distance between the venue and prep. Savannah and I took up positions at each location to cover the large area and I think the angles we were able to get were awesome!  

We think the film came out amazing and we are so excited to share it with y'all. You can watch the full film HERE or head over to Cobblestone Productions on the YouTubes. 

Thanks to Chris and Michelle for the honor of shooting y'alls special day. Thank you Cobblestone friends for reading and following our journey!