Cape + Beth Anne

Cape + Beth Anne

Hey team! We have got to tell you all about our March wedding! It was so much fun!

Beth Anne is a good friend of Sav’s from college and we had the good pleasure of shooting Cape and Beth Anne’s wedding in March. It was a day full of good hearted laughs, intimate walks, and good times all around. Beth Anne and Cape’s love for each other and quirkiness was seen throughout the day with playful jokes, huge laughs, emotional moments and memories of when they first met.  Held at an old railroad station in the mountains in Murphy North, Carolina, these two just couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere other than the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Cape and Beth Anne are lovers of the outdoors, so a rolling river, surrounding hills and a pavilion nestled in the trees was perfect for their vibes. There was even a moment that the couple was able to break away and take their first “hike”/ walk together down a river path with a roaring river behind. We were able to break out the drone and get some incredible shots of their hike as well as some fun shots of the two just being goofy and cute together. Sav was mentioning when we were looking back at the footage that it was almost impossible to find a clip when Beth Anne didn't have a huge smile on her face. The time leading up to the ceremony was so much fun and stress free - full of laughs and special time with friends. Presiding over the wedding was Cape’s father which was incredibly sweet, and so many friends came out to support the union. The ceremony then poured into the cocktail hour where the congregation met in an open air courtyard of the railroad station with beautiful flower arrangements, a bluegrass band and beer and wine. The band played and people mingled and enjoyed the upbeat music. Just after our walk away from the group, everyone went inside for the reception and then began amazingly sweet dances and speeches. This was a special wedding for us in that the couple also had us there as their guests. After we had plenty of footage, they wanted us to put our equipment down and join in on the fun and that is what we did. There was so much dancing, laughter and good times catching up with old friends. It was a wonderful wedding to film and be a part of.

We spent the rest of the week at home visiting family and returned to California to begin our edit of the film. Savannah is our Super Editor and began piecing the film together while I began writing a song and theme based off a memory of our time there. When Savannah finished piecing, I watched through the film a few times and took off to writing the score. Because Cape and Beth Anne love the mountains and folk, I added folk elements to the piece by throwing in acoustic guitars and mandolin with a simplistic theme to showcase the two of them. Because she chose not to include verbal audio, I built in two slight variations of the theme to add interest. The first theme coming to a crescendo when Beth Anne walks down the aisle and then a unified theme completing the film with a sort of dance/clap rhythm with unison beats. It was so much fun to write the piece and we absolutely love how the film came out. 

Thank you to Cape and Beth Anne for allowing us to shoot your special day and thank you Cobblestone friends for following our journey! You can watch the full feature film HERE or head on over to our YouTube channel Cobblestone Productions and subscribe to see our journey!