Welcome to Cobblestone

Hey team, and welcome to Cobblestone Productions' first blog post! 

Before we begin, let’s talk about what Cobblestone is. Cobblestone Productions is a videography, photography, and music production company currently comprising of the Cobb family, Savannah and Will. As cheesy as it sounds, if you were wondering: Cobb = Cobblestone… play on words? Or does it just sound cool? Well, Savannah and I thought long and hard about the name and here is the story. Yes. It is a play off our name, but it is also more than that. Cobblestone has both visual and auditory references behind it. When you first hear to the word, your mind knows what a cobblestone street looks like but, if you are like us, an auditory memory surfaces as well. Do you hear the clopping of a horse and carriage? I do too, quite vividly. So, the name of our production company, Cobblestone Productions,  comprises of videography (visual) and music (audio). Pretty cool? 

Who are we? Well, Sav and I are a recently married audio/visual duo with degrees in communications and music therapy. We both have extensive background in music and a heart to tell stories and creatively display ideas and visions. Sav and I met at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia, in a choir and voice class of all places. Music played a large part in our relationship as we often played music in church and student ministries together. Savannah studied communications and obtained a background in the Adobe Suite for visual mediums, while I learned how music affects the mind during music therapy classes. Now, happily married and living on the central coast of California, we utilize our skill sets to capture the stories of weddings and businesses here in San Luis Obispo and abroad. We are striving every day to become better videographers and musicians and as a production company, we want to work with our clients to create meaningful films that reflect the story and emotion of the moment that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

At Cobblestone Productions, we want to tell your story. Getting married on a beach? We want to be there to capture the waves, the kiss, the emotion, and rich history of the union of two souls. Have a local business? We want to be there to tell the world about your products, the passion you share for your craft or service, and your dedication to your customers. Need someone to shoot an adventure? We will go anywhere in the world with you to capture your adventure, the location, and the feeling of the moment. We want to tell your story and honor the moment forever. 

We hope to take you along for the ride, within these blog posts, as we start this business and shed light on what we learn from day to day about running our business and the incredible people we meet along the way. 

- Will