Clint + Avery

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Hey Team,
          We are proud to announce our second wedding film is complete! You can click HERE to see the film and HERE (Not out yet) to see the behind the scenes. This film was a lot of fun to make and it was cool integrating the vows into the film (Savannah cries each time we get to that part) as well as using our new video editing computer to conquer over 150 gigs of footage (watch a video on the computer HERE). We really tried to up our production value on this film to show what we can do for our couples and we hope that is conveyed in the film.
          A little about the background of this wedding: this shoot was actually back in GA at the venue we used for our wedding. It was really cool shooting there, being on the grounds where we got married only a year and a half ago, and interacting with some of the same vendors as a vendor ourselves. One of our favorite parts was interacting with the photographer, A. Thomas Photography who shot our wedding, and learning from her. She recommended us to the couple and it was so much fun shooting and learning tips and tricks from her. Clint and Avery were amazing to work with and very accepting and understanding of new videographers and the perfect couple to allow us to find our groove and creative freedom. 
          One of the main experiments with this film was trying out a music collaboration with Steven Melin, a good friend of mine from the high school days. Steven is a film and video game composer and we had the idea of collaborating on projects to offer more for our couples. You can check out Steven’s YouTube HERE. Sav and I have been writing the music for our most recent projects and will be continuing to do that for future projects but experimenting with actual symphonic compositions and possibly a live orchestra was a whole other ball park. Steven has a real talent for matching emotions to the scenes and we watched him live stream the composition of the score. To see him work tempo changes and mood changes throughout the film was so cool and inspiring. We didn’t go live orchestra on this particular film but we may be experimenting with that in the future. We are looking at this film as an experiment to see if couples would want fully composed music to take the production to the next level and really have a lasting emotive connection. Wouldn’t you want someone to write a commissioned score for your wedding day and have a piece of music that you could say was yours, written for you to commemorate such a monumental day? It’s an idea we may pose to our clients or at least have the option. We also think there is something to cherish with the film makers making the music as well. Sav and I are both musicians and we have loved writing music for our projects as well. Having two options for our couples, to us, adds more value that we can provide. 
          We absolutely loved shooting this film for Avery and Clint’s special day and we think that it is our best work yet. Even when we were challenged with rain and cold weather, mud and strange lighting situations, and using a second cam we were not familiar with and with lenses we have never shot on, I think that this film will be awesome for our portfolio and helping future couples make the Cobblestone leap and join the fam. Let us know if you have any questions and we would love to hear your thoughts on the new film!